Our Services

We offer our services a la carte so you can get exactly what you want and nothing more or less:

DJ Service

  • Standard table set up: This is the standard DJ service you would expect. Our DJs come fully equipped with the best audio equipment in the industry, speakers, and microphone (rates: $100/hour during off season Nov-Feb and $125/hour during peak season Mar-Oct)
  • Airstream DJ: To take your outdoor party to the next level, contemplate hiring us for our Airstream DJ service. The classic yet trendy Airstream is a great statement piece for any event and will have all your guests talking. The Airstream also makes things easy for venues with tight set up and tear down times since it is completely self-contained and ready to roll. (rates: at $150/hour during off season Nov-Feb and $175/hour during peak season Mar-Oct)


Lighting can really change the mood of the party, and getting it right is essential to get your guests up and moving.

  • String lights: Add string lights over your dance floor for indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) events for romantic ambiance (rate: $50/25 feet of lights includes set-up; must have access to venue at least 2-3 hours in advance)
  • Strobe and laser lights: To make guests feel like they are dropping the beat in da club, get our strobe and laser light add-on package. Nothing screams “party!” like lights that dance along with you. (rate: $50/hour)


For a sappy wedding slide show or other projection needs, we’ll hook you up with our projector and screen for free. Yep, no strings attached. Just let us know at least a couple of months out from your event since our supply is limited.

Dance Floor

You can’t dance without a good floor. We happily rent out our oak plan dance floor, which comes in 4×4 sections:

  • 12′ x 12′ (144 square feet): recommended for events with 100 people or less ($25/section @ 9 sections= $225)
  • 20′ x 20′ (400 square feet): recommended for events with around 200 guests ($25/section @ 25 sections = $625)
  • 24′ x 24′ (576 square feet): recommended for events with approximately 300 guests ($25/section @36 sections = $900)

Most experts recommend planning on 2-4 square feet of dance floor per guest. The increments above are merely our standard suggestions, but you are welcome to rent exactly the number of sections you wish to have.


We can bring the music, the floor, and even the shoes. Popularized by so many Pinterest posts over the last few years, offering your guests flip-flops for their high heel-weary feet is still all the rage. We buy in bulk so we can get you a better variety of sizes and colors for less. At just $3 a pop, flip flops are a great way to offer guests a little relief and incentivize them to drag their tired feet onto the dance floor. We even bring an awesome display that arranges the flops by size and has cubbies for guests to ditch their shoes.

  • Sizes: Adult S, M, L, XL
  • Colors: White, black, grey, pink, navy, green (if you don’t see it listed we can order it for you, no extra charge)
  • Go metallic: for $5/pair you can choose from gold or silver for flip flops that dazzle


If you don’t see it here and it has to do with the party part of the event, just ask and we can probably accommodate. No, we don’t do catering, officiating, bartending, or table/chair rentals.

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