5 Best Venues in Central Texas for Weddings

To us, a great wedding reception means lots of dancing and laughter as you celebrate tying the knot with all of your closest family and friends. Fueled with drinks (drink responsibly and please take an Uber), amplified with the right music, and placed in the right setting, your reception will be a night that everyone remembers. Here are our 5 favorite venues in central Texas for a party you’ll never forget:

1. Camp Lucy

Located in Dripping Springs, about 20-30 minutes from Austin, Camp Lucy is a sprawling venue that displays the Texas Hill Country at its best and even has on-site accommodations for guests. With 3 different sites to choose from (don’t expect to the have the place to yourself), Camp Lucy can handle everything from an intimate ceremony to a huge celebration with hundreds of people. We recently had the chance to DJ a wedding here at the Sacred Oaks location. The couple happened to pick a balmy day in February, with highs in the upper 70s, so they decided to have the whole shindig outside. They tented the Great Lawn to give it a cozier atmosphere and we set up the Airstream just on the edge of the grass. Guests young and old seemed to have a blast, as everyone danced long into the night.

2. Salt Lick BBQ

This iconic BBQ joint has expanded in more recent years to include a winery, tasting room, and two notable wedding venues. Perched on the hill overlooking the vineyard with sweeping sunset views, sits the limestone hewn Thurman’s mansion, perfect for small to mid-size weddings. Our favorite place for a wedding, though, is the more removed Pecan Grove, nestled beside Onion Creek. Picture a romantic first dance under string lights draped through the canopy of pecan trees followed by a night of dancing underneath the stars. Guests will love you for the laid back vibe and the delicious catering from the smoke pit next door.


We will happily accept payment in the form of smoked brisket. Photo credit Wally Gobetz

3. Allan House

This surprising gem is tucked among a bevy of old houses turned legal and accounting offices just north of downtown, but south of campus. The Allan House, an historic home turned wedding venue, books up quickly for small-sized weddings with bookings usually taking place a year in advance. The most magical wedding we’ve ever done here was a winter wedding. During the off months, when Austin has wildly variable temperature and weather swings, Allan house tents off the outdoor courtyard to protect guests. The tastefully chosen clear tent is bedecked in thousands of tiny little white lights. Tree branches which protrude into openings in the tent are similarly adorned, resulting in a stunning and absolutely romantic atmosphere. The tent gives any affair an intimate feel, where people feel safe to get up and dance and have a great time.


Summer setting at the Allan House is spectaular as darkness falls and thousands of lights twinkle. Photo credit Elias Andrade

4. Mercury Hall

Just south of downtown, removed from the noise and chaos of city traffic, sits Mercury Hall. The house, which sits on this 4-acre parcel of land is simple yet refined, a white-washed farmhouse with colorful stained glass windows. While the indoor space is lovely, if you get married on one of Austin’s many sunny days, we’d recommend holding the reception in the generously sized courtyard just behind the hall. This beautiful space is bedecked with string lights and encircled by live oaks, that invite guests to gather around and spend the evening talking, laughing, and dancing together as they celebrate your big day.

5. Brazos Hall

While some of the other venues we mentioned go for more of a laid back Texas Hill Country vibe, Brazos Hall is distinctly different. This relatively new space sits in the shadow of the Frost Tower at the intersection of 4th and Brazos, right in the heart of downtown. An urbanite’s dream, this venue is modern and clean – perhaps you would call it rustic industrial. While the open concept first floor is great for an indoor fete, the 2nd floor patio is where the party is. With views of downtown, your guests might feel like they are in the VIP section of a new, exclusive nightclub. The venue is proximate to 6th street, so guests can continue the after-party long after the bride and groom depart. An ample selection of hotels within walking distance makes accommodations convenient.

There are so many lovely places to get married in Central Texas that we could go on writing for days. Once you’ve picked the perfect venue, don’t forget to reserve us for your event!